Thursday, October 12, 2017

Where Have We Been?!

When we last checked in with you guys, it was just after the big reveal of the Tiny House.  Can you believe that was almost exactly a YEAR AGO??!!  Ugh.  Please forgive me for neglecting this blog.  We have been pre-occupied.  Let me explain...

Starting in December after we revealed the Tiny House, Greg underwent many tests and a couple of surgeries.  One surgery was to repair an abdominal aneurysm, the other was to remove a tumor from his stomach.  Greg has come through it all very well, and we are working with a homeopathic Dr. to clean up his immune, endocrine, and lymphatic systems.  A good friend of ours recommended this book.  It has been amazingly insightful into the role cancer plays in helping the body to heal.  We highly recommend this everyone, but especially to those whom cancer has touched.
Now...on to happier topics. :)

Did you see the article about our Tiny House in Morgantown Magazine?  We had so much coverage in the TV news, newspapers, and online..but the article in Morgantown Magazine was by far my favorite.

 As you might know, I took a voluntary separation package from my job back in January ahead of wide-spread layoffs.  This allowed me to take some time off, and travel with Greg for the entire month of February to Florida for his bi-annual music tour.  We had a fabulous time.  We have developed a family in Florida, and it was nice to have so much time with them.  Of course...there was LOTS of music. :) 
And plenty of relaxation...

We fully enjoyed our time away.  We had worked so hard on the Tiny House, and then dealing with Greg's health struggles.  We needed a nice, long break. 

We were so surprised to find Tiny Houses in Siesta Key!  We dropped by Tiny House Beach Resort for a visit and tour.  Such cute houses!  Check them out if/when you find yourself in Siesta Key. 
 We shared some beautiful days together.  It's a time I will never forget.  So grateful. <3

But was eventually time to come home to our Country Roads in Almost Heaven.  

As soon as I got home, I began taking fiddle lessons.  I have always wanted to learn a stringed instrument, and never really got very far with the guitar.  Some of you may know that I took drum lessons for many years, and I still enjoy playing the drums now and then.  Greg loves the fiddle, and has been very encouraging and supportive through all of my screeching and squawking.  It's been seven months now, and I'm finally starting to feel like I have some control over what I'm doing.  And...the dogs don't howl at me any more when I play.  Well, not near as often anyway.  LOL!  Click here to watch me play! 

Another hobby I have been spending some time with is jewelry making.  I've been making jewelry for years, but have been focused lately on using Greg's worn guitar strings.  They are not the easiest medium to work with, but the pieces are very unique.  They are also very special in that I can pass a piece of our life (and Greg's work) through each piece.  Look for these pieces and others to be available on our website very soon!


With the reality of life and events over the last year, I decided to take a job.  It is a step very far away from the stress and responsibility from my previous career....and I LOVE it--doesn't even really feel like a job!  I am working for the President of a very successful foundation focused on social issues and facilitating discussion and public policy change.  My boss is also a Professor at WVU.  One of my greatest joys in going to work every day is to gaze upon his beautiful stained glass artwork.  He made all of these himself.  Aren't they incredible?!! what about the Tiny House, right?!  Greg has gently eased back into work at the tiny, allowing himself to fully recover from his surgeries.  He has been very busy working to clear trees for the solar lane, as well as to cut down some trees that were in danger of falling onto the tiny.  He also did some excavation work to level the property and dig for water line placement.  He has the holding tank in place, and we are just waiting on some more rain to be able to fill the tank from our spring.

Greg pulled the tiny forward to level and pour footers.
Trench dug for water lines.

We put another shed up at the sun lane to house the battery station for our solar array.
I have been spending a lot of time doing some general cleanup on the property.  Excavating and cutting down trees makes a big mess!  Here are some before and after shots of some of my "projects."



I was happy to have some visitors out to the tiny for my birthday.  My brother, Robie, his wife Jaime, and my niece and nephews, Evie, Benaiah, and Nathan.  They all loved the tiny.  :)


Now what about the "Big Music" part of our equation?  Greg has been as busy as ever with all of his musical endeavors.  Solo shows, Brother Short Band shows, the monthly Pro-Jam, and now with mentoring some young musicians.  It makes my heart sing to see him in his true element.  He is amazing, and loved by so many.

We've had some stress this year, but it has been overshadowed by the good times we have had together working on the Tiny House as well as the Big Music aspects of our life.  We are so blessed and grateful for every day!  I promise we will be more in tune with you in the coming days, weeks, and years.  

Much love,
Greg & Carla

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Final Push..and the REVEAL!

The final push is over, and the house has been revealed!  We are so excited to share with you pictures of our tiny...but first!  Here are some photos of the couple of days leading up to the reveal...

My friend Toni came out the Saturday before the reveal and worked her tail off planting some perennials around the tiny.  She brought plants from around her home to share with us.  Look at the rock border.  Toni brought a little rock truck with her to haul those rocks from right there on the property!

My daughter, Meagan, and her husband, Lewis, came out the next day and put up the lattice for our underpinning.  They are both such dirt made quick work of getting that all done!

Our friend, John Provins (on the right) was on hand the Sunday before the reveal as well.  He and our friend Donnie built a front porch for the tiny!

I'm still amazed at the talent and hard work our friends have gifted to us!

John's "Daisy" approving of John's work. :)
John also got us started with the stairs.  This was the most challenging element of the build.  We had too many ideas floating around in our heads.  Stairs are very mathematical!  John made it seem so easy!  (Remember...this was three days before the reveal!  I was stressin!!)

(Special thanks to E3 & Donnie, too!  They did a fantastic job in finishing up the stairs--wait til you see them!

Another friend who was on hand at the 11th hour to help finish everything up was our friend, Scott.  Scott is so knowledgeable..on so many things.  He helped us to get our plumbing finished up...along with setting drains and putting finishing touches on bathroom fixtures.  

I don't know what we're doing right to have so many wonderful people in our life.  I. am. grateful.

Alright you guys. Are you ready for the big reveal?  Here is our tiny!

We hope you have enjoyed this journey with us!  To all of you who have helped us, supported us, and given of yourselves to us in this effort--THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  We could NOT have done this without you.  We love our tiny down Short Holler!

Peace & Love

~Greg & Carla